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Thursday, August 29, 2013 — How to choose your region

Are you ready for the best coverage in high school sports? We're hoping you are, because we're excited to give it to you. officially launched for the Southeastern region of Pennsylvania today, so we wanted to give you — our readers — a little bit of guidance of the best way to utilize the site for YOU. So once you've opened the website up into a window or tab, follow these instructions for choosing the region you care most about.

When you arrive at for the first time, this is what you will see:

The circled area is where you choose what region you want to be your default. If you're a Times Herald reader, you will want to choose the "Montgomery/Bucks" region.

Once you select the box to the left to "Montgomery/Bucks," click the green "go" button to the right of it. That will then take you to the Montgomery/Bucks section of the site which will give you coverage of all of your local schools. 

If at any point in time you want to change the default region of to a different region, simply click on "RESET YOUR REGION"which can be found at the top of the website (and can be seen circled below).

We hope you enjoy the coverage on the site! If at any point in time you have any questions regarding anything high school sports, contact Times Herald Sports Editor Mark Schiele at

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